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CARTER WATER is a professional business based on the trust and goodwill it engenders from its clients. In addition to providing excellent services, clients only do business with the Company if they are also treated with courtesy, patience and respect. Since clients tend to think in terms of the individual employees with whom they come in contact with at the Company, the way you perform your job and treat the individual client will determine, in part, the client’s satisfaction with the Company. A good employee will approach their job duties and responsibilities with a positive attitude and respect. This company prides itself on the professional atmosphere it maintains and the positive image that our employees present. This image is affected by the manner of dress we use within our offices, in the offices of our clients, and in public when we are representing the business. Listed below is an overview of acceptable business casual wear, as well as a list of some common items that are not appropriate.

* This list is not intended to be all-inclusive but should be used to set the general parameters for proper business casual wear.


Must wear Apron and Badge at all Times Within Home Depot. 

Men: Dress Slacks/Jeans.

Women: Dress Slacks/Jeans. Casual dresses and skirts with modest hemlines are acceptable.

Inappropriate Items: sweat pants, shorts, overalls, spandex and other form-fitting pants, and pants that are excessively worn or faded. Mini-skirts and spaghetti strap dresses are considered inappropriate.

Shirts Men: Collared shirts including polo shirts provided they are clean and wrinkle free.

Shirts Women: Casual shirts with collars, blouses, polo shirts, sweaters, and turtlenecks are acceptable. Inappropriate items: Tee shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, halter tops, shirts with logos, tops with bare shoulders unless worn under a blouse/jacket. Avoid clothes that are distracting and revealing.

Footwear :Comfortable Shoes. We recommend quality in soles such as Super Feet.

Inappropriate items: Flip-flops/shower shoe and slippers are unacceptable.

Personal Hygiene/Nails: Maintaining well-kept hair, personal hygiene, and general neat grooming is expected. Cologne/perfume (if absolutely needed) should be used minimally. Nails are to be manicured, kept at an appropriate length, and painted a natural color.

Accessories/Jewelry Men: Earrings are not permitted. No visible facial piercings.

Accessories/Jewelry Women: Jewelry should be simple, classic and conservative. Also, shoes, belts, and socks in complementing colors are necessary for completing a professional look. Tattoos Must be covered with a sleeve.