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LG ATTENDANCE: Everyday before start of shift, make sure you report all LG's that are late, left early, or going to be out for the day. Fill out submission form labeled: Attendance.

REQUEST TRACKING OF LG: If you are having concerns of a LG not in the store or you want to see if they are moving around the store, click on the link: REQUEST TRACKING and fill out form.

ADD ON NEW LG REP: When you hire a new LG REP, click on the link: LG NEW HIRE and fill out form.

LOST TABLET REQUEST LOCATION: If tablet is lost by LG, have them report to you immediately and fill out Lost Tablet form ASAP! If tablet runs out of battery, I will not be able to track.

VERBAL/WRITTEN WARNING FORM: If Director or Management needs to give a written warning, click on link: WRITTEN WARNING.

EXITING EMPLOYEE CHECKLIST: If Director or Management needs to give a Exiting Employee Checklist, click on link: EXITING EMPLOYEE CHECKLIST.

VERBAL/WRITTEN WARNING P&P: First time is a verbal warning, Second time is a written warning, Third time is a written warning and Fourth time is a termination 

  • EXITING EMPLOYEE CHECKLIST: Checklist is completed by the supervisor or Director of the terminating employee. 
  • Checklist is approved and signed by the department head.
  • Checklist is completed prior to the terminating employee's last day of work.